Several Kinds of Jungle

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PLOT:   Divergent series part three.

                Tris (Shailene Woodley) and Four (Theo James) escape outside Chicago seeking a better world but it is just as corrupt and horrible as their home and soon they have to save it.  It wasn’t as good as Insurgent but it did have its moments.  I believe there will be a part two as with all books Hollywood breaks the last book into two parts.  If you can wait until video please wait.


PLOT: The true story of six military men who defend the U.S. embassy.

                The film is an inside account of the brave operatives who needed help and protected the best they could the compound they were in.  The fight scenes are intense and Michael Bay, who is known for popcorn movies shows he can make a serious action movie.  The question is why these men never received any military assistance when they asked for it?  Who is responsible?  Michael Bay did not want to make it political but unfortunately it is for it sadly shows once again can we trust our elected officials.  The film was in theaters in a hot minute then suspiciously gone.  The video release arrives June 7.


PLOT:  An updated version of The Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling.

                Disney in 1967 made the animated version of the same name and now they used CGI.  The story is about a boy named Mowgli (Neal Sethi) raised by wolves and the evil Shere Khan voiced by Idris Elba wants him dead because he is human and what his father did to him. The film is visually amazing and the voice actors are outstanding which include Bill Murray, Ben Kingsley, Lupital Nyongo and Christopher Walken but Elba’s Khan is menacingly good!!  Highly recommended.

On Justice and Aliens

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PLOT:  Dirty cops and Russian mafia try to make a big heist but are stopped by a good cop.

                This movie should have been fantastic with the A-list cast that includes Chiwetel Ejiofor, Casey Affleck, Anthony Mackie, Woody Harrleson and Kate Winslet. It has action but most of the characters are crazy, corrupt or killers.  Not too many people to root for.


PLOT:  Two iconic superheroes fight each other.

                Superman (Henry Cavill) destroyed much of Metropolis but saved a lot of people as well.  Congress wants him to give himself up for he is too dangerous but he has been set –up by Lex Luther (Jesse Eisenberg).  Bruce Wayne/Batman (Ben Affleck) is upset he destroyed his building but more importantly the people.  They packed a lot of action and story in this one movie but the best part is when the two superheroes attack each other!  Affleck’s Batman is badass!  He is more like the Punisher but he does have his reasons. 

Many fans (including myself) didn’t think he could be good as Batman but he is.  Cavill’s Superman is okay.  Eisenberg as Lex is annoyingly arrogant and evil.  I wish they chose Mark Strong.  I believe he will be better in the next movie.  Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot) isn’t in the film much but when she is she ready to battle!  To comic book fans they crammed many things together and the origin of Doomsday is good but not correct. The fight sequences are just great!  In short, it is an adult, long, epic Saturday morning cartoon.  When the movie arrives on video there will be an R-rated version.  That sounds interesting.


PLOT:  Young woman after an accident is in a cellar with two men.

                First of all this film is not a sequel or prequel to the 2008  Cloverfield.  I heard the name was used just to make money off the popular movie.  Michelle (Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter) is leaving her boyfriend Ben.  She is on the road and she crashes with another car and when she wakes she is in a room with no windows and chained up.  Howard (John Goodman) tells her he saved her but did he?  Is he nice, nuts or just lonely? There is also another guest/prisoner named Emmett (John Gallagher Jr). 

They are a happy family for a while but Michelle is planning her escape.  Let me just say it is slow moving but it becomes more interesting near the end.  Once again John Goodman is amazing!  An award of any kind is long overdue.  Winstead is great too.  She is the most resourceful woman I have seen on screen for a long time.   Will they make a sequel?  Only box office will tell.

Easter Candy Movies 2016

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PLOT:    Two gods fight for Egypt while the humans are in the middle.

                Horus (Nikotaj Coster-Waldau, Game of Thrones) god of air and Set (Gerald Butler, 300) god of darkness determinted to rule and Set have a violent, hostile takeover and it is up to a human young man Bek (Brenton Thwaites) to help Horus.  You have seen this story a dozen times.  The film is very vivid and very LOUD.  The bad part of the film is the casting.  People were complained with that title there should have been actors of Egyptian descent.  Most of the stars are English, Australian or Scottish!  Maybe the entire lead cast should have gotten a tan.  The cast was good even though Butler Scottish accent slips a few times.  It is not doing well in theaters but it will do well on video.


PLOT:  Career driven bunny wants to be a cop.

                Judy Hopps, a cute young rabbit always doing what you can’t do goes to Zootopia (against her parents) to become a cop.  They police force do not take her seriously and she gets involved with a case with the help of a fox, Nick Wilde that reaches all the way to the top of authority.  Pretty intense for an animated movie but it is as good as a live action cop thriller.  It is funny and clever too.  Adults will love it as well as children.


PLOT: The sequel to Olympus Has Fallen.

                Mike Banning (Gerald Butler) is still President Archer’s top security body guard so when the Prime Minister dies off they go to London and all hell breaks loose! A terrorist named Aamir Barkwi (Alon Aboutboul) knows powerful leaders all over the world will pay their respects and he and his men killed them all except the US President, they want him killed  live for the world to see .  You have seen it all before just the body count is bigger.  If you enjoy action you will love it despite all the madness that could never happen.

Post Oscar-time Oscar Roundup

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PLOT:  Two women fall in love in the 50’s.

                Cate Blanchett is Carol Aird, a very blonde, rich, elegant woman and Rooney Mara is Therese Beilvet is a working woman and the two fall in love but there are problems.  Carol has a husband and a lovely young daughter.  The word lesbian is never said and it is very subtle how the relationship grows.  Blanchett is fantastic for she wants to be the perfect wife and mother but longs for her lady lover.  Mara is good too as a mousey young woman trying to find her way.  If you see the movie get some sleep for it is very slow moving.


PLOT:  The man who started the digital revolution.

                It is really not a bio in the usual sense but it tells a surrealistic backstage craziness before he goes on stage to sell the latest product.  This is a dialogue drive movie written by Aaron Sorkin (The Social Network and TV series The West Wing) and there are emotional explosions-not physical explosions. Michael Fassbender are great as Jobs, he is arrogant, amazing and few times compassionate.  The movie tells a little bit why he is that way.  Kate Winslet is very good as Joanna Hoffman, his assistant who as to deal with his annoying pettiness on a daily basis.  Who really stands out is Seth Rogan!  I don’t think he is funny in his comedies but in this dramatic role as Steve Wozniak he is outstanding!


PLOT:  The true story of a team of reporters who investigate priests who molest children and how far the cover-up goes.

                Everyone involved with the movie is outstanding acting (Mark Ruffalo, Michael Keaton, Rachel McAdams, Stanley Tucci), writing direction(Josh Singer Tom McCarthy).  It is so scary that we have to be worried about people in authority-police, priests and doctors and when journalist tell their story they better be right! It also shows that even the best reporters are not perfect and take pride in their work.   It is hard to stomach as victims tell their stories of how pastors abused them so be warned.


PLOT:  A loosely base true story about Joy Mangano , who invented the Miracle Mop.

                The trailer for this movie is so misleading.  You think it is a comedy about a young woman named Joy (Jennifer Lawrence) and her whacky family.  It is not.  It is about Joy who created the sensation the Miracle Mop and horrors of having it patented and be successful.  Lawrence is very good.  She is driven by debt and to prove to family and friends they were wrong that she can achieve to be a profitable entrepreneur.


PLOT:  The true story of Dalton Trumbo who was the top screenwriter then labeled a communist.

                Dalton Trumbo (Bryan Cranston, Breaking Bad) was one of the popular screenwriters in Hollywood in the 40’s until they found out he was a communist.  He was blacklisted, went to jail, could never use his real name in Hollywood and for a while wrote B-movies to support his family.  Trumbo never played the ‘victim’.  He adapted to every bad situation with humor and creativity.  The cast was very good including Helen Mirren as gossip columnist Hedda Harper, comic Louis C.K. as Arien Hird and John Goodman is truly amazing as Frank King who makes B-movies for living and proud of it!  He plays the most outrageous characters so well he deserves a special Oscar.


PLOT:  A young woman is kidnapped, has a son and they are trapped in shed.

                Joy (Brie Larson) is a kidnapped woman who has a son, Jack (Jacob Tremblay) and they live in a small squalid shed.  Joy loves her son very much so she pretends that Jack is dead so her kidnapper has to remove the body and that’s how Jack escapes.  It sounds very exciting but it is very slow, very real, and very scary.  The two are saved now Jack has to adjust to modern life.  Larson won an Oscar for her performance but Tremblay should have been nominated for Best Supporting Actor for it was his story.

50 Shades of Sex and Violence

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PLOT:  The squeal to Ride Along.

                Ben Barber (Kevin Hart) is now a rookie while James Payton (Ice Cube) is the tough detective still teaching Ben the ropes.  They team together again to stop a crime lord in Miami.  The comedy provided by Hart is great and the action is not bad either.  This is a movie you will enjoy if you like Kevin Hart if not do not go.


PLOT:   Aliens try to kill the humans on Earth.

                Okay it is a timeless tale of aliens trying to control the earth but it is shown through the eyes of a 16 year old girl named Cassie Sullivan (Chole Grace Moretz, Hit Girl from Kick Ass movies) then the “waves” come and the earth is in turmoil and when the army takes her younger brother, she is determined to find him.  Moretz is great and she is an up and coming action babe!   The attractive Alex Roe is romantic interest. If you like Hunger Games, Divergent you will enjoy this.  The trailers didn’t impress me but the movie did.


PLOT:  A comedy about the erotic romance sensation 50 Shades of Grey.

                Hannah Steel (Kali Hawk) meets Christian Black (Marion Wayans) as she interviews him for her paper and begins the kinky, sexual relationship.  The film is actually more vulgar than the film they are making fun of.  The movie feels very long and it is not because of the gross humor.  The picture has potential-some parts are very good as Florence Henderson, yes that Henderson who was the mother in the Brady Bunch, as the woman who got Christian into bondage.  It was a shocking stretch for her and she is funny! Hawk is more shapely than her white counterpart Dakota Johnson.  Jenny Zigrino as Kateesha, Hannah’s white roommate who is so stereotype black is hilarious.  Wayans wrote the film and if more comedy than crude was it would have much better.  It didn’t make much money in theaters but will be better on video.


PLOT:  The further adventures of Po, the panda and friends.

                Po (voice by Jack Black) must teach his friends more martial arts, he meets his panda father, learn chi and stop an evil adversary.  It is a lot for a panda but Po is up to the challenge.  If you enjoyed the other two you films you will enjoy this one.  It s great for children and kids!


PLOT:  The origin of the superhero.

                Wade Wilson (Ryan Reynolds) who used to be in Special Forces now is a mercenary.  He falls in love with an escort Vanessa ( Morena Baccarin, TV show Gotham).  Life is good then he finds out he has terminal cancer so he leaves her and goes to secret lab to get better.  His cancer is cured and he has superpowers but his faces is disfigured and he wants the person responsible Ajax(Ed Skrein, Game of Thrones) to fix him. 

The movie is funny and action packed.  Reynolds was born to play Deadpool!  If you seen him in X-Men Origins: Wolverine he is much better in this one.  He is foul-mouth with non-stop wisecracks.  After this sequel maybe he should do a solo film about Hannibal King, vampire slayer.  The movie is a hit and it is rated R so don’t be surprised if more superhero movies are going to be more violent and lots of sex. 


PLOT:  True story about anchorman Dan Rather had to step down for false documents about George W. Bush in his life in the service.

                OMG!  Journalists in the movies catch hell!  If you blinked you would have missed this well-acted movie about Dan Rather (Robert Redford) and his producer Mary Mapes (Cate Blanchett) who tells the public George W. Bush had special treatment in the military.  The aftermath was destructive, people were fired, forced to leave their jobs and characters smeared.  The film focus mostly on Mapes who got the story and caught all the trouble that came with it.  I am usually not political in my reviews but if you watch this film (and believe it) this is why Jeb Bush didn’t make it as president-this time.